Water management

Our office prepares expert statements and plans for the improvement and relocations of water bodies, renaturation of water bodies, withdrawal of water and procedures concerning plot realignment.
The surveys include mappings of water structures and passability of water bodies, animals and plants, limnological assessments and evaluations of impacts especially in respect of the Water Framework Directive. In some cases of previous projects landscape conservation plans and the planning of compensatory measures as well as measures on the improvement of the ecological state of the water bodies followed.

In respect of open space plans and the implementation planning we conduct design planning for water bodies and their border areas.

Project selection

UVP-VP Grabenumlegung Salzgitter-Gebhardshagen (2017)
Stadt Salzgitter
UVP-VP Grabenverrohrung Fümmelse (2017)
Stadt Wolfenbüttel
UVP-VP für die Renaturierung des Weddebaches (2016)
Landkreis Goslar
UVP-VP für die Errichtung von Trinkwasserleitungen im Trinkwasserkonzept Salzgitter (2016)
Stadt Salzgitter