Environmental compatibility

[Transport facilities] [Energy economics] [Water management] [Soil mining] [Other projects]

In numerous licensing procedures for projects the implementation of a preliminary environmental impact assessment (UVP-VP) or the preparation of a complete environmental impact analysis is necessary to comprehensively identify, characterize and evaluate direct and indirect impacts on the environment in advance.

Our office supports you in all planning phases, coordinates procedures, keeps contacts with all involved planners, experts and responsible authorities and develops together with you implementation concepts and variants for a secure project realization.

In this regard we advise and support you to ascertain the obligation of an environmental impact study (UVP) of your project, with the preparation and implementation of application conferences, the compilation of all application documents, in activities concerning public interests and the assessment and development of objections and statements.

Our office has long term experience preparing preliminary environmental impact assessments, particularly in the fields of transport infrastructure, energy economics and projects of urban development and mining for raw materials.