Soil mining

For the mining projects given below the main focus lies on the environmental compatibility and recultivation or renaturation respectively.

The extrapolation of soil and rock mining require mining plans with respective timely and spatial dedicated recultivation and renaturation measures concerning the period, extent and succession of sites. These plannings have, as well as the guidelines for site mining, the objective to keep conflicts between mining and the conservation of nature and landscape to a minimum.
The Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG prepares the documents concerning nature conservation for the licensing of projects for cables and the use of regenarative energy sources.

Project selection

Umweltbaubegleitung Gastvogelkontrollen Vogelschutzgebiet LWL 110kV Leitung Abzweig Roddens (2022)
Landkreis Wesermarsch
Umweltbaubegleitung Masterhöhung 110kV Hochspannungsleitung (2022)
UVP-VP Bodenentnahme Wilkenstorf (2020)
Landkreis Lüneburg
UVP-VP für die Erweiterung des Kalksteinbruchs Upstedt (2016)
Landkreis Hildesheim